While the weather outside can be beautiful during the summer months, many people face an unpleasant experience swatting away flies and dealing with mosquito bites. Pest species are particularly active during summer—not just outdoors but also inside homes and businesses where they may be looking to escape the heat.

Fortunately, Ready Pest Control has the experience and expertise necessary to deal with a seasonal pest problem anywhere on your property efficiently and effectively. Here are some common examples of summer pests that can be deceptively difficult to get rid of without professional assistance.


Fleas are staples of summertime treks through high grass and shaded woods. Unfortunately, these tiny creatures are far from picky about who or what they latch onto. Pets can and often do carry them in from the outdoors during summertime. After going for a hike or letting your pet outside, it is always best to do a thorough check for fleas.

Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

Many species of bees spend the summer flying between flowers and buzzing around gardens. While many bees are harmless if they are left alone to collect pollen and nectar, the same can’t be said for wasps and hornets. These other stinging summer pests are known to make their nests near or even inside residential spaces and can be very aggressive about defending their territory.


While there are hundreds of ant species, there is one thing virtually all ants have in common: if you see one, there are likely hundreds or even thousands more close by. Ready Pest Control can help handle summer ant infestations of all shapes and sizes, including those involving dangerous species, like fire ants, that bite humans.


Mice are more likely to be seen during cooler seasons when they are looking for warm places to settle down. However, these pests can and do still show up in the summer, often looking for a respite from the heat while scouting for food and water.

Ready Pest Control Can Help Deal with Summer Pests

Pests can be a problem during any season, but certain species become especially active during the summer months. Dealing with an infestation of summer pests can be an especially tricky and taxing task.

Help is available from dedicated professionals with experience dealing with every type of pest under the sun. Contact Ready Pest Control today for more information.

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