While spring brings the beauty of blossoming flowers and trees, it’s also a common time for seasonal pests to re-establish their colonies by building nests and reproducing. The Midwest is particularly attractive to cockroaches, carpenter ants, and boxelder bugs. When you notice the signs of a seasonal pest infestation on your property, call Ready Pest Control for cost-effective and efficient extermination services.


It’s never fun to spot cockroaches scurrying beneath your refrigerator or through your hallways. These little insects have survived for thousands of years because they are difficult to kill and will eat anything, although they love sweets best. These spring pests can also run 80 centimeters in a second, hold their breath for several minutes underwater, and don’t necessarily need their heads to survive.

If you see one cockroach, a nest hosting several generations of cockroaches is probably nearby. Cockroaches spread disease, release their droppings indiscriminately, and contaminate your food.

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs feast on maple, boxelder, and ash tree seeds. In great numbers, they can damage trees by invading their limbs, trunks, and fruit. Sometimes called box bugs, these pests will invade your home in the fall to spend the winter in your walls or behind siding. Then, they swarm your home in search of heat or when they believe it’s spring. In search of food and water, box bugs stain your furniture and draperies with their excrement.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants, also known as flying ants, are a large and common ant species in the U.S. As a relative of bees and wasps, the social carpenter ant lives in a large colony with worker ants, scouts, and a queen. Carpenter ant colonies can be in a damp log, behind your dishwasher, in your wall near a leaky pipe, or even in a moldy cupboard. In general, these ants like to stay close to a water source.

Carpenter ants are very fond of wood, which they chew into a pulp. However, wood isn’t their food source. During springtime, these creatures eat aphid excretions, plant nectar, small insects, sugar spilled on your kitchen counter, or pet food left outside.

Ready Pest Control Can Handle Your Spring Pest Infestations

All nature thrives in the spring, including pests that invade your space, damage your property, and affect your health. While these are some common spring pests in the Midwest, others may include moths, bedbugs, fleas, mice, and rats. When you don’t want to expose yourself to the chemicals used to treat infestations, are allergic to stings or bites, or your problem is in a high tree, call our professional pest control service for assistance.

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