Yellowjackets are one of the most commonly sighted wasp species in North America. While you might want to avoid running into one yourself, yellowjackets are extremely helpful in balancing natural environments by hunting and eating various other insects. That said, they sometimes take up residence in places where humans would rather not have them, and they can be a huge inconvenience when they do so.

If you have spotted a yellowjacket hive in your home or business, contacting Ready Pest Control for help should be your top priority. Our team of experienced exterminators and pest control professionals can provide custom-tailored solutions to your pest problems and assist you with yellowjacket control today.

What Do Yellowjackets Look Like?

As their name implies, yellowjackets are primarily yellow and black in color, although some subspecies—for instance, the bald-faced hornet—are black and white, or yellow and red. Yellowjackets have segmented bodies similar to those of ants, with a narrow midsection and translucent wings. They have skinny legs and hairless bodies that are usually shiny under sunlight.

Like bees, wasps build nests around a queen. The queen hibernates in winter before building a brand-new colony in the spring. Yellowjacket nests are round, papery, and often positioned to hang under sturdy fixtures like tree branches or the eaves of houses. The seasoned exterminators of Ready Pest Control can help determine whether you have a problem with yellowjackets and offer solutions that fit your needs.

Identifying a Yellowjacket Infestation

The biggest and most obvious sign of a yellowjacket infestation will be an unusually high number of yellowjackets flying over a particular area. Additionally, seeing a nest at your home or business can also be a telltale sign. However, yellowjacket nests are not always constructed in plain sight, and some may even be underground.

If you see wasps crawling in and out of a hole in the ground or in a building’s exterior, that is very likely a sign that a nest is nearby. Damage to interior drywall may also indicate that yellowjackets are in the space between two walls and are chewing up the drywall to help build their nest. When you believe you have a yellowjacket infestation, Ready Pest Control is the call to make.

The Potential Dangers of Yellowjackets

Despite what many people think, yellowjackets do not search for excuses to sting people. In fact, they are generally very hesitant to attack other animals—unless an animal intrudes onto what they consider to be their territory. In that scenario, yellowjackets can become highly aggressive, stinging multiple times with venom that can sometimes cause severe allergic reactions.

Even if someone does not actually make physical contact with a yellowjacket nest, a swarm of yellowjackets may attack if they feel vibrations nearby. For example, if someone is trimming branches off a tree with a nest in it or using a lawn mower near an underground nest, the yellowjackets may feel threatened and become aggressive. Support from the knowledgeable exterminators of Ready pest Control can be crucial to handling a yellowjacket infestation effectively and safely.

Get Professional Help with Yellowjacket Control

Given how territorial and aggressive yellowjackets can be, removing a nest is not something you should try doing on your own. Instead, get in touch with our seasoned exterminators and pest control professionals to discuss yellowjacket control.

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