Bed bugs are parasites that are commonly found in sleeping areas of homes and hotels. They feed off of humans at night. During the day they live near the sleeping locations of their hosts. Beg bugs were virtually eliminated before 1995, but have since reemerged with the increase in world travel.

An adult bed bug has a flat round body about the size of an apple seed. It ranges in color from brown to red, depending on when it last fed. Right after feeding, the bug is a bright red color which gradually fades to brown as it digests the human blood. Bed bugs are born lighter in color and turn brown as they mature. If you have bed bugs in your home and need help removing them, Ready Pest Control is the call to make. Let our team of knowledgeable exterminators help you with your beetle control needs today.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

The fact that bed bugs bite us and feed on our blood while we sleep is enough to make them a pest you definitely need to control, but this is not the end to the problems they cause. Bed bugs not only disrupt your sleep, but can present some health problems as well. In those allergic to their saliva, bed bug bites can lead to a raised red rash that can be very itchy; excessive itching can lead to a secondary infection that requires medical attention. Bed bugs, while not usually known for transmitting diseases to people, do harbor some disease-causing pathogens. Another issue with having bed bugs living in your home is that their feeding habits and excrement can stain your floors, walls, bedding, mattresses, and box springs. Lastly, having bed bugs in your home can be stressful, frustrating, and make you feel uncomfortable in your own home, a feeling that no homeowner ever wants to feel.

Why Do I Have a Bed Bug Problem?

Bed bugs move from place to place by hitchhiking, potentially making your home or business a hot spot for bed bug activity. This constant flow of traffic allows bed bugs to continually find their way into your home or business and provides them with a constant mode of transportation. After coming into contact with them, bed bugs will crawl onto your clothing or personal belongings and then get carried into your home. Bed bugs are prolific breeders, and introducing even a couple into your house can potentially lead to a large scale infestation; it’s important to remember that a bed bug infestation can occur inside any home. Ready Pest Control can help you quickly and safely remove bed bugs from your home or business today.

Where Will I Find Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs can be found anywhere people are. Homes, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, movie theaters, museums, and office buildings are just a few examples of the places bed bugs live. Once inside, bed bugs hide their flat bodies in tight cracks and crevices, only emerging at night to feed. Common hiding spots for bed bugs include the seams of mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture, and in the cracks of wooden furniture, walls, and floors; spaces behind wall hangings, electrical outlets, and inside of electronics also make good hiding spots for bed bugs. Because bed bugs can hide and live in many different places and conditions, they can be extremely hard to control without the help of professional exterminator like Ready Pest Control.

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