While you might think ants or flies are the most common insects in America, that title actually goes to beetles. There are about 400,000 known species of beetles, most of which prefer to stay far away from humans and human-occupied buildings.

Unfortunately, some species of beetles are common pests within residential or commercial properties. If these insects decide that your land would make a great home for them, you may face years of property damage and problems that are expensive to fix.

The question of what makes for the best beetle control strategy can have many different answers depending on what species you are dealing with and how widespread the infestation is. Consider enlisting the help of Ready Pest Control for your pest control and exterminator needs. Call our team today to get started.

What Makes a Beetle a Beetle?

Like most other insects, beetles have six legs and two pairs of wings they can use to fly around, but the most obvious feature that makes beetles unique is how their wings are built. Rather than having their wings exposed completely, the outer wings of beetles are hard and thick, so they can protect the more delicate inner ones from damage.

Beetles also have mouths that are designed for chewing rather than sucking or piercing like the proboscis of a mosquito, and when they are transitioning from larvae to adult insects, their back ends do not have “claspers” the way caterpillars do. If you have questions about whether you are dealing with beetles in your home or business, Ready Pest Control could offer guidance and explain your options for beetle control during a no-obligation consultation.

How Beetle Infestations Happen

While different types of beetles are attracted to different environments and materials, they are generally looking for food, shelter, or both when they end up inside a home or business. Beetles may get inside packaged foods and/or grains, hide in piles of lumber or firewood, or even live inside stuffed furniture like couches and chairs. The presence of moisture is also a big factor in where beetles decide to make themselves at home.

In the long term, a large part of beetle control can be making sure food containers are sealed, garbage cans are closed and separated from the house, and outdoor lighting uses non-“white” lightbulbs that may attract beetles. Likewise, budding plants like fruit trees and flowers are very attractive to beetles—but at the same time, taking away outdoor places for beetles to find food and shelter may lead to them seeking it inside.

The specific damage beetles can cause varies somewhat based on what specifically they end up infesting. Of course, spoiled food can be a financial pain, but so can the destruction of clothes, fabric, wood products, and even packaged goods inside a home or business. No matter where you have found beetles on your property, Ready Pest Control could help you get them out as quickly and safely as possible.

Call Today for Beetle Control Solutions

Beetles do not sting like wasps or spread disease like mosquitos, but they can still be extraordinarily inconvenient if they start living within your home or business. Fortunately, you have help available from experienced beetle control experts who have the training and tools necessary to help you through this situation.

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