Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Keeping Pests Under Control

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Spring often feels like the perfect time to get your home in order, but unfortunately, it is also the perfect time for unwanted pests to enter your home. All sorts of bugs, rodents, and other pests come out of hibernation in the spring and start looking for a nice place to spend the next few months. From mice, fleas, and ants, to flies, cockroaches, and spiders, having pests in your home can cause damage to your property, make your allergies worse, and possibly put you at risk of contracting serious diseases.

Ready Pest Control can help you prepare your home for the coming year. We provide year-round services to eliminate any pesky visitors you would rather not have living with you. In the meantime, though, here are some spring-cleaning pest control tips to keep your house free from all things creepy and crawly.

Keeping Non-Living Spaces Pest-Free

When it comes to controlling pests (not just in spring but for the entire year), one of your priorities should be sealing up areas where bugs and other critters can enter your home from outside. This means identifying and fixing cracks in your walls or baseboards, replacing torn screens on windows, and repairing loose mortar or other similar issues around your home’s foundation. It can also be helpful to keep nearby trees trimmed so branches do not hang over your home, and to keep organic materials like mulch and rotting stumps away from your exterior walls.

Similarly, clutter in your basement, garage, or attic can serve as homes for pests of all shapes and sizes, so these areas also deserve attention during spring cleaning. If you have stuff you no longer need, it is much better to donate it or throw it away rather than let it end up occupied by mice or bugs. Anything you decide to keep around should be sealed inside plastic bins. It is also worth addressing places where moisture builds up and caulking or weatherstripping cracks that might let bugs get in from outside.

Spring Cleaning Pest Control for Interior Spaces

In the average house, the kitchen is the single biggest source of food and water for various types of pests. With that in mind, spring cleaning is an excellent time to dig through your pantry for expired or stale food and empty containers you can throw out. Move dry goods into their own sealed plastic or glass containers so potential future pests cannot get to them.

Bedrooms are another place to focus on, especially since they tend to be areas where clutter can build up quickly. Bed bugs, in particular, can be a very serious problem, so you should thoroughly inspect your mattress, box springs, bedframe, and linens for any signs of these little pests. Be sure to also check luggage and clothing you may have taken on trips during the winter.

Finally, storage closets often make ideal homes for spiders, beetles, and moths, especially if nobody gets anything out of those closets for months at a time. Spring cleaning can be a good time to unpack and then repack items you have in storage.

Get Help with Spring Cleaning from Ready Pest Control

While spring cleaning is a great way to address or prevent an infestation, regular service from a qualified pest control expert is the most effective way to keep pests at bay year-round. If you’re looking for professional help to pest-proof your home, the highly trained team at Ready Pest Control can come to you and assist you with pest-proofing your home at an affordable price. Call today to get started.

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