Can Pest Control Increase the Value of Your Home?

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You are ready to list your home for sale. It has a fresh coat of paint, the back deck is varnished, and the pool is crystal clear. But have you checked for pest damage? Many annoying critters can damage your home and yard. Prospective buyers will likely argue for a lower price if you have carpenter ants chomping on your deck, roaches in your kitchen, or mice in your attic. While pests can decrease the value of your property, pest control can increase it.

Pests Threaten Your Yard

Your yard is part of your property and is often called ‘curb appeal’ by realtors trying to sell your house. If you have tall fruit or shade trees, they add value to your property. However, you may notice Emerald Ash Borers nibbling away their bark, gypsy moths stripping their leaves, and wasps building nests in their branches. Buyers will be calculating how much the trees are worth and how much it will cost to kill existing pests, decreasing the value of your house by this amount. By maintaining a clean yard and frequently checking your greenery for signs of infestations, you can maintain and even increase the value of these outdoor features.

Critters Damage Your Home

Disrepair, foundational cracks, holes in the eaves, and unrestricted access under the house all signal that destructive critters are probably living with you. If you hear skittering in the attic, you may have mice or rats sharing your space. If you see elongated black droppings in your kitchen cupboards, you probably have cockroaches.

These pests multiply quickly when undisturbed, carry disease, and chew everything, from your home’s wiring to its walls. Prospective buyers open cupboards and observe whether droppings litter shelves and cabinets. The last thing you want them to sniff is mouse urine from a nest in the walls.

Regular Pest Control Can Increase the Value of Your Property

Pest control services inspect, identify, and eradicate any pests they find on your property. They even certify that your home is treated regularly for destructive pests. To homebuyers, this is the gold standard. They do not have to wonder what damage lurks unseen on the property. Those assurances, generated by regular pest control, increase the value of your home. Call Ready Pest Control to learn how our professionals can help get your property into the best possible condition.

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